Sunday, March 11, 2007

We have a winner!!!!

Hurray! Hold on to your red-and-white-stripish hats!!! We have a winner for our Dr. Seuss Celebration Contest!

Come on down Bookbk!!! You win!

And what do you win, you wonder? A plethora of prizes! A bounty of booty! A mother lode of loot!!!

Yes, Bookbk, you win your very own copy of A HATFUL OF SEUSS, your very own Three Silly Chicks Coffee Mug which we didn't even use to drink from (though it made a nice temporary bowl for our goldfish while we cleaned out the tank), and an assortment of unexpected and inexplicably small silly surprises which we would enumerate, but we don't know what that word means.

Congratulations to you and special thanks to all the others who entered, even though they lost and are now very, very sad people but we still love them. And we know that they won't be sad for long because we are sure to have more contests for them so everyone can be a winner!!!!

Bookbk - please e-mail us with your snail mail addy and we will mail your bounty of booty right off to you!


bookbk said...

Oh my goodness! Wow! I'm honored! (in a random-winner kind of way.) Thanks! Will send snail mail address posthaste.

Beckyb said...

What a fun book blog - this from a children's librarian!!!! I will be back - glad I stumbled upon you!!!!