Sunday, December 17, 2006

And the winner is . . . .

Bwock! Bwock! Bwock!

We have a winner in our first ever caption contest! And boy was it tough to decide! The entries really cracked us up. Thanks to all who entered and all who dropped by just to get a good laugh.

And the winner is ............ drum roll, please .........

"Happy Hollandaise, everyone! And now I'd like to introduce the panel of speakers at our first annual Christmas Chick Lit Writers Conference: Shell Silverstein, Yolko Ohno, Egger Allan Poe, Al Bumen, Ben Laid, and Ova Ezee." -- Elaine Magliaro

Congratulations, Elaine! (Please send us your snail mail addy at and we'll send you some snails. . . oops . . . some yummy peppermint bark).

Thanks to everyone who brightened our holidays just a bit with your very funny entries.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays!!!!

The Three Silly Chicks