Thursday, November 23, 2006


Written and Illustrated by Emily Gravett
Simon & Schuster Books

for Young Readers
ISBN 1-4169-1491-9

Rabbit goes to the library and picks out a book about wolves. Rabbit reads the book while walking home from the library and learns many interesting facts about these wild creatures. So engrossing is the book, that Rabbit does not notice the shaggy, hooded wolf who sneaks up from behind. So engrossing is the book, that Rabbit walks unwittingly up a bushy tail, through dense fur and right to the end of a wolf's sharp snout. However, Rabbit becomes keenly alert when reading about the wolf's diet which includes "large prey such as deer, bison, and moose. They also enjoy smaller mammals like beavers, voles, and . . ."

Wolves is a fresh, funny, ironic and slightly creepy book with more than a dollop of black humor. While small or very sensitive kids might be disturbed by Rabbit's fate, others will laugh out loud at the story's alternate twist ending. Illustrated with a combination of sketches, watercolor, collage and photography, Wolves is a smart and VERY tasty treat.

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