Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1000 Times No

1000 Times No!
by Mr. Warburton
Harper Collins Children's Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-154263-3

What is it?
A quick picture book tour of the many--and there are soooooo many-- wonderful ways a kid can say NO!

What do we love about it?
Well, let us begin by saying that NO is one of our favorite words. (Others include--but are not limited to: Guacamole, salsa, bedtime, pudding, and Clive Owen (Yes, we know that Clive Owen is two words, but they are so utterly delicious together we count them as one.) Anywhoooo, we love to say NO. And this book teaches us lots of clever new ways to do so! Our favorites include morse code, sky writing, crossword puzzle, and Inuit. 1000 Times No is innovative and downright funny.

Who is it perfect for?

Anyone who wishes to expand their vocabulary.

What do we say about it?

When it comes to funny books like this we say Yes! Si! Oui! Es-yay!

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