Thursday, September 24, 2009

Binky the Space Cat

A Three Silly Chicks' Pick

Binky the Space Cat
by Ashley Spires
Kids Can Press
ISBN: 978-1-55453-309-1

What is it?
A hard-cover graphic novel starring the comically triangle-headed Binky the Space Cat who is charged with two vital missions: to blast off into space and to save his humans from the evil alien fly creatures that buzz around the human's abode (especially near the litter box).

What we love about it?
We love Binky's can-do attitude and delusional dedication to his mission. The jokes are funny and the illustrations are filled with sass and attitude.

What does it remind us of?
Our favorite funny fat cats with attitude like Chester and Fat Cat.

What is it perfect for?
Astronauts. Cat lovers. And 7-9 year olds who want something silly to read just for fun.

What do we say about it?
Binky the Space cat is smart, sassy and best of all, VERY funny.

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